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IT Consulting

           A business IT aspect should support its business strategy, not constrain it. ECT focuses first on the strategic needs of the business to determine the expertise needed to achieve their short term and long term goals. We help our client effectively address their IT related decision and ensure them most suitable model which is agile and result oriented. A robust IT strategy helps companies transform themselves and grow their business. We help our client to identify optimal future state of their IT strategy along with business needs and together develop an implementation plan. Underperforming IT aspects of a business affects business performance. We help our clients to identify their negative factors harming their business and rectify it to improve the functioning and reduce cost. We help our clients with our major technology initiatives including various types of programs aligned with evaluation of investment and success of project to ensure they capture their determined goals. We bring you full range of experience and experts to client engagement to help companies direct their specific business situations. When you are working on your IT aspect of your business it needs a consultation, so we are confident that you are at right place .


UI/UX Design

           Developing a successful website requires a good programming and technical development expertise which is often the most critical step. ECT provides you the professional and attractive web design and development strategy best suited to achieve your respected goal at affordable price. We aspire to deliver you a contemporary website solutions which will reflect your vision, mission and character which is the appealing aspect towards your consumer. ECT specialises in creating E-commerce platforms, seller-buyer marketplace, B2b and B2c e-commerce development. Our web development with designing includes various strategic services like business consulting, creative web designing, cross browser compatibility, administration panel for self operations along with payment gateway system. We always take into consideration issue regarding security of your website from various threats. We provide you with an leading marketing strategy through social media and facilitate your website by search engine optimisation plans. We have executed various categories of websites up till now, so you will be glad and most benefitted to have our special service.

Custom Software Development

           To perform a huge amount of work in limited time has always been a challenge, but in today's world with growing digitisation of business web app helps you get results within given limited time frame. Web app gives you an advantage to manage your business or personal activity set according to your predefined conditions and combinations in a most easy way. It also helps you in decision making and analysing each and every aspect of your business activity. We provide you the most suitable custom designed web app which will reflect your working style with simplistic yet attractive user interface that requires minimal or no guidance to its end users. We will build the foolproof framework of web app which ensures the optimal security and backend system to track user logs. We help you understand the behaviour of users which will help you upgrade the system for better performance results.

Custom Mobile Application Development

           The last your business goes mobile, the last you stand in the market. India has the fastest growing users of smartphone with 314 million users of Internet via smartphone. With the increasing number of mobile internet users, the demand for mobile web and mobile applications has been rising spontaneously. ECT provide you the best competitive mobile web services and app development which enables the client to have a complete digital hold on their target consumers. For the best app in the market you need a smartest business strategy with most consumer friendly user interface and you are at the right doorstep at your service. We develop a powerful flexible applications with intense outstanding marketing solutions along with inclusive product management. Whether you are struggling with your existing business project or aspiring for a new startup we deliver you the best mobile compatible design along with optimisation. ECT have a vast experience working in mobile web services and app development. It has created an unique identity in market for its exclusive designing and agile functioning of the services.

E-commerce solutions

           E-commerce consist of online retailing and online marketplace which has became the fastest growing business segment with market capitalisation of more than USD 6 billion till 2015 and is expected to grow more than USD 20 billion till 2022. The increasing use of internet through smartphones, tablets and broadband has contributed in developing a strong consumer base which is likely to increase further. The competition for market capturing has been raised to a new level which requires digitisation of business. Online retailers and market place are providing products and services at such a lucrative offer that consumers are getting addicted to their websites. As an existing business or a new startup you cannot ignore the e-commerce platform which is an exponential sales revenue generator. Whether starting a new startup or integrating e-commerce to your existing business or wanted to resurrect your lagging e-commerce website we provide you the effective e-commerce website and solutions that will be most appropriate and reasonable for you business model. We ensure you the best custom tailored designs with multiple categories and subcategories for unlimited products, compatible with mobile devices along with search engine optimisation. We provide you the most secured payment gateway system along with inventory and billing systems to manage your products and billing. Our website solutions helps you track the orders and shipping updates with abandoned cart recovery. There will be accurate reporting on activity and events occurring at your website on daily basis which will enhance your performance with most suitable marketing strategy. E-commerce is booming and we are best in creating it.

Digital marketing

           Social media marketing and optimisation is the hottest trend in business growth stories, as it helps you to have a wider reach towards customers interacting with them on various social platforms. It has been the proven medium to be the potential marketing way for various categories of business. Business success on social media requires a wider understanding of your customers needs and their journey throughout all stages of buying cycle. ECT have an unique mindset and imagination to create a mark of your brand on the minds of your target customers using social media marketing and optimisation. Social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+, YouTube and many more helps you target your prospects and hold your customers in long run.